Saturday, May 19, 2007

Been so long!

Well, I didn't mean to abandon my blog. Lots and lots of stuff at work, including finding ways to incorporate Library 2.0 concepts. We've made a great start, posting podcasts and vodcasts of our new cable TV show, as well was presentations by guest speakers. I'd really like to see us get started on public blogs and IM for reference. I've been out of the loop for better than a week (see below), so will need to play catch up on a few things starting next week.

Ah, my lost week. Or as it may be referred to fondly (when referred to at all) as the week in hell. Wednesday, May 9, I woke up with a slight ache in a tooth that had a root canal and crown two years ago. The tooth has remained a bit touchy, usually as a sign that I've been clenching at night. (God, is there anyone who doesn't clench their teeth at night?!)

Anyway, Wednesday's mild ache became Thursday's "let's not chew on this side," which turned into Friday's "where's the damn pliers -- I'll pull it out myself!" Dragged myself to the DDS who took a look and pronounced it a root fracture. Bad news for which there is only one remedy -- extraction. But we don't want the DDS to do it, 'cause we want to do socket preservation to prepare for an implant down the road. So he sends me home with penicillin and percocet and a referral to the oral surgeon. Who blessedly squeezes me in on Monday last (yes, that means I slept through Mother's Day in a percocet stupor.) Extraction was accomplished, but without socket preservation because of the infection which apparently reaches all the way to my left large toe. Sent home with additional antibiotic.

Today, almost human! Probably won't even take that 1/2 percocet tablet for bed tonight. But, boy did I learn some stuff this week. First, and most primarily, I've learned that there is pain that exceeds a torn rotator cuff or childbirth. Pain that can take you so far down, you can't remember a time without it. Pain you wouldn't wish on the guy who flipped you off in traffic. I was afraid to give it a "10" on the scale, for fear that somehow the pain would decide to show me what a "10" REALLY feels like.

I also learned that even watching an ad on TV for steak at Applebee's can make your jaw hurt. That meat or anything that must actually chewed isn't worth the "discomfort." (Bet you thought I was gonna say "pain" again. Figured you'd heard it enough already.) And what a great, easy way to start a diet -- no solid food! And I haven't had meat -- fish and eggs instead -- for more than a week, so I've lost weight and become a vegetarian!

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