Sunday, May 27, 2007

Idle hands are the devil's playground

One of my intentions for this blog was to share my knitting and other projects, joining the ranks of the many, many knitting bloggers (or blogging knitters!) who have provided hours of pleasurable reading, inspiration, and learning. (Special thanks to Abby at Abby's Yarns for her YouTube video demonstration of spinning with a drop spindle. I bought one, but couldn't get the hang of it. Abby showed me how!)

So I finally worked up the energy to haul out the camera and pose a few projects. Here are "before" and "after" shots of the recently-felted Lucy bag.

In the first shot, she's about the size of a woman's old-fashioned wool bathing suit. She certainly tidied up nicely with three five-minute cycles through the washer. The photos do not represent the colors well at all; perhaps from now on I must try to shoot outdoors in daylight. Anyway, the red is not really red but cranberry and the turquoise is really more of a teal.

I'm not sure that I like how the whole thing turned out. The colors were chosen based on the multi-colored berries on my porcelain berry vine; when the berries are immature, they are all different shades of berry, teal, and purple. They eventually turn white. The Lucy bag doesn't really do justice to the subtle shades of the berries. Sigh...

For those who want to know these things, the project was worked with Lamb's Pride Bulky.

When not knitting, blogging, or reading, I can be found puttering in the garden. Today was veggie planting day, as Memorial Day is supposedly finally safe for planting tender annuals in Northeast Ohio. I put in two plants of Roma tomatoes; two Brandywine heirlooms; and one Mortgage-Lifter. I also planted broccoli, spinach, watermelon and summer squash. I know that some of this should have been planted earlier, but I just didn't get the garden tilled until this past week. I also mowed and trimmed, so I'm feeling some of those winter-atrophied muscles!

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